So what is a micro-moment? An intent-rich moment when a consumer instinctively reaches for a device to act on a need, be it to know, go, do, or buy. For most consumers, this device is usually a smartphone, which for everyone, is the easiest way to get the needed information quickly. According to a Google research, 91% of smartphone users look up information on their device while performing a task, and 82% of them consult their phone while they are in a store, trying to make their minds up on what product to buy. One out of every ten users ends up choosing a different product than what they were planning to purchase.

When a micro-moment occurs, customer expectations are at their highest, as everything is available within just a few taps. 

The micro-moments concept is gradually starting to change how marketers and buyers interact. Nowadays, a significant part of customer journeys is digital, and that number is continuously increasing as the customer journey takes place in many real-time, intent-driven micro-moments, each one of which is an excellent opportunity for companies to shape the customers’ decisions and preferences. This is 

precisely the reason why marketing specialists should try to have their service prepared for each one of the four micro-moments as consumers shape their preferences in all of them partly due to the high expectations they have. 

Because of all this available information, modern consumers, especially smartphone users, are becoming less loyal. 90% of smartphone users are not sure of the brand they would like to buy when googling information. That leaves them easily influenced by brands that are concentrating their marketing strategies on micro-moments. Not only that, but every third smartphone user can change their opinion on the brand they intended to buy after doing research online. 

Another reason that targeting the right micro-moments can be beneficial for a brand is that more than half the smartphone users have discovered a new company or product while researching on their smartphones.

This high usage of technology nowadays means that it is a make it or break it situation for brands, as, if they prepare well for the micro-moments, new customers will be attracted and old ones retained, but if not, they will just go to the competition. However, what does this mean for brands? 

A company can harness micro-moments in a bunch of different ways. Studying own data and analytics to see how consumers find a company, what devices they are using, and the type of device driving conversions, also, making sure their website is mobile-friendly is a must. Making the content is just as well, a great way to make one’s way into smartphones exactly when the consumer is looking for an answer. Probably the most important way to put micro-moments to use is to understand where mobile usage comes in the marketing strategy and formulate a micro-moment one. That means making sure that the offered service or product shows up in mobile searches.


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