Working at kubator

Why would you work anywhere else?!

We’re one of a kind… like for real. We don’t believe in a strict hierarchy. There’s no bosses. Everyone is accountable to themselves and the whole team. Because of this we really need someone who wants to excel and grow as badly as we do. We don’t hire employees, we hire people with a an entrepreneurial mindset in their respective fields.

Work with the best.

Our incredibly selective hiring process ensures only extraordinary talents join kubator. Working alongside these amazing people will inspire you to give your best every day, and you’ll learn a ton from them.

All about them perks.

Perks include: 

  • The latest Mac and iPhone
  • Mouthwatering daily meals
  • Unlimited drink supply – no, not store brand tea and coffee
  • Virtually unlimited education fund

Work life balance.

No, not some bullshit corporate cringe, made up nonsense where we take you go-carting once every two months. Our structure allows you to work from anywhere in the world once proper integrated into the company. We don’t have strict working hours and even though sometimes we need to keep on the same timeline, you’re generally free to pick when you work.

Incredibly cool office space.

Even though you are free to work from anywhere we’ve made sure to set up an amazing HQ back in Austria. You can decide wether you’d be working in our collaborative office space or book a private office for a few hours or the whole day to do some focused work.

No bosses.

We run a strict meritocratic system of government. There’s no seniority, only hard work and talent. We still have project leads to ensure projects are moving in the right direction and delivered on time. However anyone can be a project lead if he’s proven himself to have what it takes.

Available positions

There are currently no available positions 🙁


If you think you’d make a good fit and don’t see yourself on the list of availble positions do email us at