B2B content marketing

It's like B2C content marketing... but harder.

Regardless of what they initially engaged us with,  most of our clients end up asking for content solutions.  Our approach has been proven to be very effective over the years because we:

  • Analyse before we prescribe — we always do our research first and never offer cookie-cutter solutions.
  • Start with what your audience needs too know, not what we think they need to know
  • Actively seek out the hidden pools of knowledge you have internally.
  • Pack it all up into a content plan that works. 

To put it in simple terms: content marketing is the way you succeed in lead nurturing, search, social media, email and outbound.

We make content marketing simple for you.

A successful content strategy is the ultimate competitive advantage.

Depending on your goals we tackle multiple aspects of content planning and production to ensure impact. 

We help with:

It does what it says on the tin. We go through your current content and assets and survey what works and what doesn’t. It’s not always necessary to start from scratch. Sometimes little tweaks are all that’s needed. Regardless of the findings this step always offers valuable insights.

We hone in on your goals and come up with precise solutions on how to reach them. We help you define your audience, personas, and desired position in the market. We then hit hard with editorial calendars, action plans and KPIs.

This is where we truly put all our creative power and problem solving skills. Alongside you, we come up with the best ideas for stunning content and then we write it design it, shoot it, and produce it.

We identify the most relevant channels for your audience and develop plans, calendars and segmentation that is sure to bring the highest ROI. Search, PPC, social, email, interactive – we have it all covered.

Any content marketing effort is futile if it leads to a dead end. We use a combination of marketing automation and specifically designed workflows to warm-up a prospect. Then we help you further segment and qualify them until they’re sales ready.

This helps us take the guess work out of the equation. Instead we help you set the right metrics and track them to ensure everything is performing as expected (or better).

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