Why marketing will die out?

von Christopher le Roux

We are entering a knowledge era. People have more opportunities than ever to form their opinion. Their sources are widely spread, between Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, newspapers, magazines, regular tv, streaming, podcasts, blogs, influencers, banner ads, printed ads, books, and recommendation from friends and family.

On top, the digitalization is affecting their lives hard. People cannot compensate for the speed and complexity of what a digital lifestyle is demanding from them.

To digest all the pieces of information, which could be important for your personal development, is already overwhelming. The identification of a focused path could be impossible for some people.

Companies try to market their information on top of the impenetrable jungle of existing noise of information. Jobs are also demanding livelong learning.

Where should we take the time, for education, entertainment, brand interaction, and personal development?

Marketing always thinks it is ahead of the digitalization but forgets to completely re-invent itself.

People have to learn new knowledge after their initial education, every year, every month, every day and every hour.

Marketing, as our grandchildren will know it 50 years in the future, will educate and help them and not creating disturbing moments anymore.

Let´s discover a possible future scenario, where brands are an important part of your career path. Imagine a world after your initial graduation, where brands will take an interest in your future development.

Brands do already target specific customer groups, but in the future they will contribute to evolve their perfect customer.

Just imagine Joan in 50 years on her career path, becoming a lawyer. After her initial education at a university, she will be attached to her alma mater her whole life. Like an API, new knowledge will be catered to her all the time over multiple channels.

But how will Joan get this information? Her job is demanding, there is not much time left, which could be spent watching lectures online. She also needs her income to build her life and can not spend it on expensive education.

Yes, you guessed it. This will be a new era of marketing. Companies will cover specific career paths. They will educate people on this career path and evolve their personality. Which sounds like a shady marketing tactic in the present, will be a highly essential part of our lives in the future.

Joan, the lawyer, in our example can choose and switch different branded career paths. It will be a huge brand mix with hundreds or thousands of brands in it from cars, cosmetics, fashion, food and most important B2B brands for her professional education.

All brands in this mix are contributing not with a stupid brand message to Joan´s success in life, but with important input for her personal development and is helping her for a life long education.

Imagine you are watching something entertaining on YouTube. The ad´s you will see are all personalized, not only on your preferences but especially to your vision in life.

Brands are helping you to achieve your life goals.

It does not matter, if you are seeing “ads” on video, hearing it on a music streaming services or reading it on virtual billboards on your way to work. They all are personalized for your path in life.

Your live long learning will be financed by brands, which will suit your path.

Imagine millions of career paths, created by brands who will educate you. The only way to achieve this will be with artificial intelligence.

Brands will define how they can contribute to each career path they want to support. Marketing will build and manage these paths.

So marketing will not be marketing anymore. It will be something new, something evolved, something which will be an integrated part of our civilization.


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