Since the Matrix the dream of getting fully digital is in the heads of many people. Decoupled from your body, you can move freely in digital universes. What sounds like fiction will become partly a reality with the help of virtual reality.

In the near future, it will not be possible to transfer the mind in a digital conscious.

A far more realistic scenario will be a digital copy of yourself. A digital twin. It will know every little detail about you.

Imagine your digital twin is created with your birth and lives along your side in the digital world. The twin will know every aspect of your life through your photos you upload, messages you will write, locations you are visiting. It will know the style of learning, which fits you best.

It is your digital guardian as a child, it will feed you the right amount of information in the right way during your education and will accompany you through your career life. It will be always on your side. It is your search engine, your location for memories and your hub for your self-improvement.

Imagine a world where all pieces of information are filtered just for you and presented in a way you can grow from them in your own speed. 

Your digital twin will be active 24/7 looking for personalized opportunities to evolve your physical mind.

It will also communicate with other digital twins, looking for perfect fits of new friends, companies and potential partners. The twin will be prepared to give you answers to your questions before you know the question. It will exist on every device you are interacting with.

You can interact with the digital twin and reflect on decisions or recommendations. It will be such an integrated experience in your life from birth to the end. But the twin will live forever online.

Imagine the world knowledge and population evolving digital. Humans are not bound to evolve humanity during their lifetime but can interact with the world beyond their existence.