Why online tracking evolves our society?

von Christopher le Roux

Hundred years ago personal records of your private informations could end in deportations or deaths. This fear is burned in our bones, especally in the older generations which lead our democracies.

In the present, countries evolve into knowledge societies. A trend the general population can not cope with, even they are knowledge worker already.

What does knowledge worker produce? Data. Mostly to solve very specified problems in our society to evolve the individual into a digital age.

Old, non digital, advertising mediums like TV, Print, Radio, etc. will vanish over the next decades.

How will this highly speciefied services and products find their customer?

I guess when you are reading this you are in this digital society as well, probally earning your income within the digital space.

In depth personal online tracking will increase the chance matching you with the right service or product to improve your life, creates new jobs and will probably finance your future as well.

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