The era of human B2B Marketing.

von Christopher le Roux

When have you clicked the last time on a banner ad? Have you ever clicked on a banner ad in your whole live? Only under 0,1% will click on the ad. 

B2B companies are used to produce high volume goods for centuries. Reflecting on the user´s feedback was not their strength yet. User testing was reserved mostly for the b2c market. Feedback was collected when it was too late and the customers were long gone with solutions of competitors. 

Design thinking was one of the needed changes. The method opened the research & development process together with clients and people from different industries for maximum feedback. The hypotheses for a new product can be tested directly with the potential customers in a very short of time.

The collected informations helps the company evolve the product in a much faster rate. The website is the main interface to your audience. It is your most important sales person, your most important marketing asset and your most important contact point for support requests. It should create meaningful value for your clients. 

Not your product, but your human audience should be centered in the user experience of your website.

 You have to make it easy for your audience to find your solutions online. Inbound Marketing helps you attracted a defined audience with your solutions. Be there where people need you. Explain in text, images, videos and podcasts why your solution matters. Make it available to your audience when they are looking for it. 

Get your sales, marketing, product and service department aligned. All have valuable input about your audience and how to approach them. A workshop will help to get an alignment between the different departments. Unleash the power within your team and be humble and curious towards your audience. 



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