How will your website look in virtual reality?

von Christopher le Roux

Boy VR Universe

Creating informative worlds online, viewable in a browser of your choice is practiced by companies and web designers for nearly two centuries now. The content which you will see on your phone are optimized bits of text and images, catered to your thirst of information.

The human centered web design follows a problem solving approach, always in the need to identify problems of the defined target group. Offering a designed solution in the form of a website, video or whitepaper.

The world will advance in the next 3-5 years in to a new dimension of virtuality. It will question every aspect of our physical society. Why do we still need offices? Why do we need supermarkets? Do we still need school buildings? Is it really necessary to travel for a vacation? Why can´t I live on the moon permanently?

Virtual reality (VR) will disrupt and capture our society like the radio and the tv have done it before.

How will companies express their brand in this new virtual environment?

I think the problem solving approach will vanish. Companies will have a mighty channel to express much more of their brand, than solving problems for people who are searching for answers in google.

In virtual space the only boundary is the human imagination. Let us not stop there, think of the capability of A.I. creating virtual worlds. Nowadays we are still bound by the limited tech of browsers and devices, designing print magazine like pages for a digital consumption.

The possibilities to communicate the vision of a brand will sky rocket in a few years from text and images to virtual universes. People will be able to live inside your brand. They will be able to explore an unique brand universe.

The “our philosophy” section of your company´s website are not dead words anymore. The philosophy and vision will define the whole brand universe. In which set of rules are you able to move in the universe? How can you communicate with each other? How and for what will you be punished?

Designers have to advance in god like creators of branded universes. Creating galaxies, planets, continents and cities. Defining breeding grounds for virtual societies.

Will there be a difference of real produced sneakers made of real world resources like plastic or the newest virtual sneakers which you can show off in your online community?

Brands will evolve digitally from simple websites to owners of universes, where people will live and work in. All this will happen in an accelerated speed within the next decade.

As a designer you can prepare and evolve a new skill set to become a master in the new area of branded universes.

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